The Social welfare needs  in the municipality of Kiamba are being serviced and facilitated by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Currently, out of the total household population of 6,930, there are 6,674 total number of clienteles are availing  the social welfare services provided by the local government which are mostly composed of Day Care children, making Day Care Centers the widely- accessed social welfare service in Kiamba. Along with the 42 Day Care centers which are spread all over the barangays, the social welfare department attends to every need of the impoverished individuals with the presence of a Senior Citizen building for the elders, SNP’s for the disabled, a Rehabilitation Center for the out-of-school youths and programs such as AICS and Family Welfare for the families, Women Development programs for women empowerment and Disaster Prevention programs for internally displaced persons.

Out of the total household population of 6,930,  60.78 % of which are living below poverty threshold and these are mostly the ones who benefit the social welfare services of the municipality. As of 2010, total number of clienteles were reduced from last 2008’s number of 11, 687 to 7,018.
The social welfare office plans to improve this statistic by providing more services for the impoverished individuals including upgrading the programs for the OSYs (Out of School Youths) , family, and women, and the universal health care coverage for the indigents.

Social Welfare Facilities, Services and Clientele

Day Care services are the widely-accessed social facilities in Kiamba with 42 Day Care Centers in good condition and serving 2,230 clienteles. Next to these will be WOMEN Development  facilities with 1,710 clienteles,services for needy adults with 1,119 clienteles, a building for Senior Citizen assistance which serves 970 clienteles, followed by SNP’s for disabled persons, family welfare for pre-marriage counselling, out-of-school youth services and disaster prevention.

Historical Number of Population Served by Type of Clientele System

Day Care children have been the top clienteles for Kiamba’s social services for the past three years. Next to them would be the internally displaced persons, followed by the needy adults or family heads , marginalized, women, couples, senior citizens,  persons with disabilities and out of school youths  respectively.

Projected Requirements for Day Care Workers

As of requirements for Day Care Centers that every 500 family must have one day care center, majority of parents are both working, the community has no form of socialization (no social activities), plenty of street children ages 3 to 6, emotionally unprepared parents, the community is willing to put -up day care centers. It is projected that in year 2011 with an average household of 11,872 , 24 day care centers are needed in whole municipality of Kiamba. By the year 2020 with an average household of 14,748, 29 day care centers are needed, that means the municipality of Kiamba surpass the needs of day care centers totalling of 42 day care centers.

Social Welfare Related Projects, Approved/Funded for Implementation

The municipality of Kiamba currently has six approved Social Welfare-related projects to further assist its constituents who are in need namely SEA-K, KALAHI-CIDSS, 4p’s, Senior Citizen programs, the San Jose Day Care Center and the Pansulan Day Care Center.

Data was based on 2011 update from MPDC Office.