Peace and public safety plays a vital role in the development of Kiamba and is always given attention if not full priority for when maintained, promotes a livable community making it more suitable for investors in their business ventures and tourist destinations that will promote growth in the municipality.  Kiamba’s Police Force along with the Fire Department work hand in hand in attaining this goal.

The Kiamba Police Station with an area of 102 sq. Mt. Operates with 32 policemen supported by 3 Sub-station Outposts with one policemen each station. The police force, along with 250 Peace and Order volunteers and 10 Auxiliary personnel keeps the barangays safe and crime-free, aided by two patrol vehicles to effectively respond to each incident. In addition, there are 10 fire personnnel reporting on 195 Department Headquarters with one firetruck to assist the barangays in times of fire incidents.

Currently, there have been less incidents of fire reported on the  municipality but crimes of theft and physical injuries have increased but compared to its adjacent towns, Kiamba still has in control with its peace and order situation.  Such incidents could be linked to social problems like poverty and lack of education on youths who contribute to increased juvinile deliquencies. With cases present in every barangay, there is a need for improvement in the peace and order force of the municipality to effectively respond or prevent such incidents from arising. Jail facilities should also be considered to better assist the headquarters in keeping the barangays safe from offenders.

Protective Services by Facilities and Equipment

The current disposition of Kiamba’s protective services along with its facilities and equipment. As of present, the municipality has 32 personnels on its headquarters and every subpost is manned by one personnel. The Fire Department of Kiamba currently consists of 10 personnels.

Barangay Tanod by Type of Service

Kiamba has 250 volunteers keeping the peace and order situation of the municipality, along with 10 auxiliary services.  No traffic aides and disaster coordinating staffs are in place as of present.

Crime Incidence by Barangay by Type, by Sex of Offender for the last 5 years

As of 2011,  the barangay frequently recieves reports on crimes on Physical Injuries, followed by theft. As show on the table, this 2011, Physical Injury crimes are present in all Barangays except Lagundi while Theft incidents are mostly reported in areas such as Lebe, Tablao, Nalus, Poblacion, Badtasan, Kapate, Tambilil, Datu Dani, and Lomuyon. So far, these two crime incidents are the ones usually being reported in the municipality and commonly, the offenders are males.

Current and Projected Needs

Based on projected population of 57, 018 in year 2010, the demand for police force requirement will also increase to 35 of the same year, and will reach to a demand of 47 policemen by the year 2022. As for the firemen requirement, currently, the municipality has met the demand for the required fire personnel and will be for the next two years but it is expected to reach the demand of 13 fire personnel  by the year 2022.

Data was based on 2011 update of MPDC Office