Mayor's MessageIn today’s world that runs on modern technology specially in the field of facilitating communication and transportation, it is imperative for everyone – both in private and the public sector – to adopt new services to improve their line of services.

I am pleased to welcome everyone to this newly re–designed and improved website of our Local Government Unit. We have done this with an intent to make it as a source of information and news updates on what is currently happening within the confines of our beloved municipality. It is my humble belief that thru this information highway, the elements of good governance which are transparency, accountability, responsiveness and efficiency would become not only desirable service habits but also as direct translations of what you expect from the men and women who are currently serving your local government.

Communication, which is a key catalyst in establishing human relations, has drastically improved with the introduction of the internet. Reception time from one person to another, no matter how near or far the distance is, had been tremendously reduced and efficient relay of important information has become easier as switching a light bulb on.

That is why we, your elective and appointive officials of the municipality of Kiamba, proudly take this very important pace in our very own saga in the field of virtual reality  intended to hasten our linkages with the different Local Government Units (LGUs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), People’s Organizations (Pos) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) including our concerned constituency here and abroad. The establishment of the town’s official website is a major leverage for the municipal government to apprise our people with the goings–on in town, what programs and projects their officials are undertaking for them and how the taxes they are paying are being spent.

The value of easy access and availability of timely and relevant information could not be overemphasized. In this age of rapid technological transformation, even our local government  needs to cope up and keep pace with the varying methodical, scientific and highly technological advancements in order to maintain its course in various modes of progressive efforts such as alliance, networking and partnership if not by simply reaching out with other communities and entities who intends to invest in the local trade and industry, for joint venture undertakings, the delivery of basic social services and over-all local governance.

I am expecting that thru this site we will hear from you suggestions and proposals to enhance our local plans and to both share at a vantage position all possibilities and potentials to fully advance the socio–economic needs of our beloved hometown.

Let me thank you most for having visited us. I do hope you would visit us again with your peers and be shared with timely information from Kiamba here in the province of Sarangani.


Municipal Mayor
Kiamba, Sarangani Province