Kiamba had been divided into settlements, then into district. Its officials were appointed. As a beginning community, the set up is acceptable. But the people hoped that someday Kiamba can call itself a town, a municipality that they too will also enjoy the right to choose who will seat at the helm of the government.


These aspirations were fulfilled. On August 18, 1947, when the President of the Philippines signed Executive Order No. 82 that created Municipality of Kiamba. The new town stretched all the way from T’boli’s in the west to Siguel in the east, covering the coast line of about 100 kilometers. It was big as the province of La union.

After the creation, Kiamba held its first election, The following were elected first officials of Kiamba from 1948-1951.


Mayor             :Gregorio De la Cruz, Jr.

Vice Mayor     :Datu Kamad Magunto

Councilors      :Mariano Is. Mondragon

:Pedro Reganit

:Osmena Juanday

:Jose Mallare

:Dra. Salud Calderon, DDM


Working against the odds, that face a new municipality, the newly elected officials guided the affairs of Kiamba. To the first elected goes the credit in the construction of the Kiamba wharfs which made it easier to transport farm products and enhance the business climate, Kiamba.

Kiamba held a regular election since then with the following elected officials from 1952-1955


Mayor             Mariano Is. Mondragon

Vice Mayor     Francisco Gacal

Councilors      Agustin Ka Mondragon

Donato Valdez

Alejandro Rigor

Fortonato Sedillo

Tomas Falgui


It was during the term of Mayor Mondragon that the construction of the national highways was started 1956-1959.


Mayor             Atty. Cornelio Falgui

Vice Mayor     Pedro Reganit

                                    Councilors      Cornelio   Martinez

Gregorio   Balanag

Roberto   Madayag

Dionesio   Malaria

Sotero Rojas


Mayor Falgui’s Administration gave Kiamba a new Municipal Building, the public Market, the site of which was donated by the Mayors Patriarch of the Falgui’s family, Don Thomas Falgui, and in opening an airport at Tambilil.


On March 18 1959 the Municipality of Maitum was created thru house bill 470. This decrease in size; the boundary being the Pangi River; 1960-1963.

Mayor             Aristeo Maderal

Vice Mayor     Cornelio Martinez

Councilors      Juan P Quinto   Jr

Osmena Juanday

Leonardo Delacruz

Atty. Andres Lorenzo

Basilio Enarbia

Henry Jamora

Juan   Bautista


1964 – November 26, 1969 Local Officials


Mayor             Aristeo Maderal

Vice Mayor     Cornelio T. Martinez

Councilors      Ramon Falgui

Juan Quinto

Felipe Uy

Anual Chua

Ricardo Jamora

Vidal Reganit

Osmena Juanday

Basilio Enarvia


Mayor Maderal did not finished his second term, he died in November 1969, to him belongs the credit of giving a Kiamba a Kiosko. Thru his efforts, a hospital was awarded to Kiamba, thus giving his reality a fervent hope that Kiamba will be served by a hospital, but he did not live to see it operate. He died before it was built.


November 27, 1969 – December 1970, because of Mayor Maderal’s Death, Vice Mayor. Martinez took over as Mayor.


Mayor             Cornelio T. Martinez, Sr., DDM

Vice Mayor     Ramon T. Falgui

Councilors      Juan P. Quinto

Felipe D. Uy

Anual Chua

Ricardo Jamora

Vidal Reganit

Osmeña   Juanday

Basilio Enarbia

Sixto Abueva



1971- September 11, 1972


Mayor             Cornelio Martinez

Vice Mayor     Ramon T. Falgui

Councilors      Atty. Francisco Ricasa, Jr

Manuel Aquino

George Yabes

Atty. Melencio Balanag

Ignacio De Peralta

Basilio Enarbia

Jaime Arezalita

Anual Chua


1971 was the separation of Maasim as the Muncipality of Kiamba. Lumasal to Seguil become the Maasim town.


1972-1979 Local Officials


Mayor             Cornelio C. Martinez

Vice Mayor     Ramon T. Falgui

Councilors      Juan Quinto, MD

Manuel Aquino

Engr. Joe T. Pimentel

Ignacio Peralta

Ricardo Jamora

Onofre Peralta

Dionesio Alquiza

Agustin Ka. Mondragon

Vicente Agudo

Fidel Gatasi

Bienbenido Andes

Josie Villanueva Sr.

Joaquin Balanag

Ronilo Mondragon



January 1980 To December 27 1980


Mayor             Cornelio T. Martinez, Sr., DDM

Vice Mayor     Ricardo Jamora, MD

Councilors      Dionesio P. Alquiza

Engr. Joe T. Pimentel

Juan P. Quinto

Carlos Sol

Antonio dela Cruz

Sixto Abueva

Augustine Ka. Mondragon

Emmanuel Amo

Vicente Agudo


Mayor Martinez did not finish his last term. Unidentified person assassinated him on the evening on December 27, 1980. To him goes the credit of catapulting Kiamba to National Prominence for making Kiamba win Third Prized as the Cleanest Town in 1969 and First Prize as the Most Beautiful Plaza and Park in 1970. He also had all streets in Poblacion paved, constructed the Sea Wall and gave Kiamba, the Kiamba Municipal Gymnasium which serve as the center for social and cultural activities of the town.


Because of Mayor Martinez death, Vice Mayor Ricardo A. Jamora became Mayor of Kiamba, November 28,1980 to December 31, 1980


1981 – April     9, 1986.


Mayor             Ricardo A. Jamora

Vice Mayor     Dionisio P. Alquiza

Councilors      Engr. Joe T. Pimentel

Juan P. Quinto, MD

Manuel A. Aquino

Carlos Sol

Santiago Abueva

Agustin Ka. Mondragon

Antonio Dela Cruz

Vicente Agudo

Emmanuel Amo- only up to September 1984



No election were held in 1983, the term of elected official were extended until they were relieved after the EDSA Revolution in 1986; April 10, 1986-March 23, 1987.



OIC Mayor                 Antonia   T. Falgui

OIC Vice Mayor          Juanito   S. Chua

OIC Councilors           Salvador   Cabanga

Rodolfo   Estrada

Bonifacio   B. Cabales

Annual S. Chua

Bernardo   Macabacyao

Antonio   Merculio

Arsenio   Villagonzalo

Zoilo   Y. Amador

Nicanor Ballan, DDM


Mayor Antonia T. Falgui ran for Congress in the national election so OIC Vice Mayor Juanito S. Chua took over as Mayor, March 23, 1987- November 30, 1987, added to the Councilor was Nicanor A. Ballan DDM, OIC Mayor Chua resigned, Camanga took over as Vice Mayor:


December 1 – 15, 1987 Local Officials


OIC Mayor                  Dionisio   P. Alquiza

OIC Vice Mayor          Vidal   Reganit

Councilors                  Norberto   Corpus

Deodato   Gapate

Bernie Franco   Domantay

Vitaliano   Leceña

Gimeliano   Baliad

Adriano   Rojas

Carlos   Sol


Mayor Alquiza’s run for councilor in 1988 election, so Vice Mayor took over as OIC Mayor until February 2, 1988 when the new set of elected official was installed;   1988-1992


Mayor             Engr. Joe T. Pimentel

Vice Mayor     Juanito S. Chua

Councilors      Salome   A. Quinto

Tiburcio   Balicaco

Conrado   Angeles

Benjamin   Aquino

Nicanor Ballan, DDM

Annual S. Chua

Augustine Ka. Mondragon

Zoilo Y. Amador


Raul C. Martinez took over on June 26, 1989 as the ABC President.


June 27, 1992 – 1995


Mayor                  Engr. Joe T. Pimentel

Vice Mayor          Juanito   S. Chua

Councilors           Cornelio   C. Martinez

Condrado J. Angeles

Myrna P. Domantay

Engr. Reynaldo R. Alquiza

Marlind L. Marcelo

Benjamin C. Aquino

Erlinda M. Cudal

Raul C. Martinez – ABC President

Eva M. Eramis- SK President


To the credit of Engr. Joe T. Pimentel’s administration goes- the construction of shallow and deep wells to supply the water needs of the barangays, the construction of feeder and barangay roads, the new market building, paving the streets of Poblacion, the construction of Multi-purpose pavements, the completion of the sports center in the Plaza, the repair and completion of the Municipal Gymnasium and the construction of office of the Municipal Secretary and staff and the Vice Mayor, the construction of barangay halls, the repair of the Municipal Building and the Police Station, the creation of Kiamba Public High School and the construction of Sports Complex in the preparation for the first provincial met ever to be held in the coastal area of South Cotabato, modernization of the office operations with the installation of computer and air conditioning units, the construction of two (2) separate the house the offices of the Municipal Accountant, Municipal Budget Officer, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator and the Municipal Library / Community Development Information Center (CDIC), the accreditation of registered organization as partners of the local government unit in developmental programs, the reforestation of the communal Forest, extension of the sea wall, construction of Tual-Tabok Bailey Bridge, extension of the port wharf, construction of flood controls, provision for additional government vehicles.



1995 – 1998

Mayor                  Engr. Joe   T. Pimentel

Vice Mayor          Juanito   S. Chua

Councilors           Conrado   J. Angeles

Cornelio   C. Martinez

Reynaldo   R. Alquiza

Benjamin   C. Aquino

Pedrito   L. Buen

Marlind   L. Marcelo

Mario   Fetiza

Benedicto Q. Balanag

ABC President     Raul   C. Martinez

PPSK President   Eva E. Villamor



The last term of Mayor Engr. Joe T. Pimentel, paves way for the implementation of environmental projects in the municipality; the main objective is to preserve, conserve and to protect the remaining natural resources. In 1996, the Coastal Resource Management Program came in to assist the LGU in maintaining the quality and integrity of our coastal ecosystem, thus sustains the flow of resource thru collective community participation in the protection and preservation of coastal resources. The Watershed Management Program also came to promote the concept of stakeholder among populace specifically those who are living within the forest to be part in the protection and preservation efforts for systematic development and management of the watershed. The Integrated Solid Waste Management Program was among the program that helps sustain the cleanliness of the community. Massive information dissemination using all forms of media were utilized to promote community participation and to enhance solid waste management system. This made Kiamba a consistent winner in the Clean and Green Contest in Sarangani Province and once a national nominee in 1997.


July 1, 1998 – June 30, 2001

Mayor                         Raul C. Martinez

Vice Mayor                 Pedrito L. Buen

Councilors                  Mario D. Fetiza

Josephine L. Dalman

Faustino A. Ancheta

James Solomon F. Pimentel

Eustracio T. Cinco

Owing D. Das

Ricardo A. Jamora, M.D.

Rodolfo P. Tagum

ABC President            Crispiniano O. Estrada

PPSK President          Glenn B. Naungayan


The New administration find it difficult to start running his administration, being the lone opposition to win as local Chief Executive in the entire Sarangani Province. With this, his thrust were focused on Peace and Development, he strengthened the local police forces by augmenting civilian volunteers in keeping the peace and order of the municipality.


He revived the fountain and improved plaza and parks. Mayor Raul C. Martinez, find it more convenient to acquire heavy equipments for the construction and maintenance of roads and buildings and acquisition of such have also contributed additional income to the municipality from equipment rentals by the barangays and the private sector.


The administration continued implementing environmental development programs and projects and have sustained the gains as the cleanest and greenest municipality in Sarangani Province and in the regional level. DAR-ADB-ARC program also came in to assist the Local Government Unit in addressing the needs and problems of ARC Barangays, by authority of the Local Sangguniang Bayan, the Municipal Mayor purge an agreement with the DAR-ADB-ARCP to implement identified projects and also to provide funds thereof as its counterpart.


July 1, 2001 – June 30, 2004

Mayor                         Raul C. Martinez

Vice Mayor                 Conrado J. Angeles

Councilors                  Josephine L. Dalman

Eva E. Villamor

Nicanor A. Ballan, DDM

Claro C. Reapor

Owing D. Das

Eustracio T. Cinco

Wilhelmina F. Espa

Faustino A. Ancheta

ABC President            Crispiniano O. Estrada

PPSK President          Glenn B. Naungayan


Mayor Raul C. Martinez, in his second term, emphasizes the Peace and Development as their thrust. With these, the United Nations – Multi Donor Programme came in to assist LGUs in promoting Culture of Peace and by providing alternative livelihood to ex-MNLF combatants. Through the initiative of the Mayor, he was able to tapped national agencies, such as the BFAR and DA and implement programs for the farmers and the Fishermen.



July 1, 2004 – June 30, 2007

                        Mayor                         Raul C. Martinez

Vice Mayor                 Conrado J. Angeles

Councilors                  Josephine L. Dalman

Nicanor A. Ballan

Wilhelmina F. Espa

Crispiniano O. Estrada

Eva E. Villamor

Eustracio T. Cincp

Regino M. Valle

Claro C. Reapor

ABC President                        Mohammadali H. Dani

PPSK President          April Lou M. Valois



Upon the resignation of Vice Mayor Conrado J. Angeles, the Hon. Josephine L. Dalman succeeded his post as Vice Mayor.



July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2010

Mayor                         Rommel Tomas M. Falgui

Vice Mayor                 Elmer T. De Peralta

Claro C. Reapor

Danny A. Martinez

Rosemarie B. Young

Regino M. Valle

Eva E. Villamor

Crispiniano O. Estrada

Wilhelmina F. Espa

Josue E. Alquiza

ABC President          Steve V. Mosqueda

PPSK President         Faith Therese P. Gandola



On August 17, 2009 Janeth Espa Pabayo, Hadji Solaiman T. Kamad and Jaime S. Fado were appointed Municipal Councilors to fill up the vacant positions due to the resignation of Councilor Crispiniano O. Estrada and the death of Councilor Wilhelmina F. Espa and Councilor Claro C. Reapor.


July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2013

Mayor                         Raul C. Martinez

Vice Mayor                 Regino M. Valle

Councilor                    Danny A. Martinez

James Solomon F. Pimentel

Florentino C. Aquino

Cesar A. Mondragon

Joaquin P. Balanag, Jr.

Jaime S. Fado

Reynardo Baltazar C. Amador

Willo V. Amo

ABC President            Jose Debustiano Huliganga, Jr.

PPSK President          Sheena Mae G. Estabillo



July 1, 2013 to present

                        Mayor                         Raul C. Martinez

Vice Mayor                 Danny A. Martinez

Councilor                    Ronilo G. Mamaclay

Faith Therese P. Gandola

Roy J. Abdul

Joaquin P. Balanag, Jr.

Cesar A. Mondragon, Sr.

Florentino C. Aquino

Edwin C. Alonso

Jose Debustiano Huliganga, Jr.

ABC President                        Monir A. Wata

PPSK President          Sheena Mae G. Estabillo


On January 7, 2014 Alfredo A. Maglin, Jr. was elected as newly ABC President due to the resignation of Monir A. Wata. Rudolfo P. Tagum was also elected at the same date as the IP Representative in the Municipality. Sheena Rose G. Estabillo has ended her term as PPSK President last November 30, 2013.