KIAMBA, Sarangani (March 2, 2017) – A juvenile dugong dies in Barangay Kayupo Wednesday, March 1, after attempts to return the endangered mammal to the sea failed. The sea cow was earlier spotted swimming in shallow water and appeared to be at a very weak state. Locals tried to coax the animal into deeper water and fed it sea grass in an attempt to revive it back to health but the animal died not long after it was seen. The dugong measured 9 feet in length with a girth of 61 inches and an approximated weight of 500 pounds, which representatives from DENR, MPDC and the Municipal Information Office documented. The remains of the animal will be buried in Barangay Kapate until such time when the skeleton can be gathered for educational purposes. (Avery Rotciv Valois Camposano/KIAMBA INFORMATION OFFICE)